Intelligent Dependency Monitoring

Doppins automatically upgrades your dependencies through friendly GitHub pull requests.

One less thing to worry about

The flexibility of version ranges - the security of pinned versions

Run the exact same versions in development and production without having to worry about keeping your dependencies up to date.

Receive a pull request within seconds of a new package release

Doppins creates informative pull requests and commit messages in a timely fashion, and includes a changelog for the released version if available.

Easy to use control panel

Enable Doppins on a project with only a few clicks, and quickly get useful information about the status of your dependencies.


Doppins is, and always will be, free for open-source projects.

While we're finalizing Doppins we would love if you tested it on your private projects as well, for free. Pricing will come at a later stage.


We love talking about Doppins, so feel free to reach out to us with any questions or ideas you might come up with.

[email protected]